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July 1, 2010
FSI has moved! (full story)

August 1, 2008
FSI Announces Obsidian support for M-Bus Meters (full story)


FSI’s flagship offering, Obsidian, is a smart meter interrogation and networking application designed to solve the problem of "how to get meter readings". Obsidian combines automated, meter interrogation with a web based interface, enabling users to view and analyze data, and make immediate, proactive decisions to reduce excess energy and utilities consumption. The flexible architecture of Obsidian allows for integration into various industry standard and custom billing packages – it is the “missing link” between smart meters and the consumer.


Obsidian's consumer level offering is an energy management website geared specifically toward energy consumers and managers. When logged into the secure website, consumers can produce an assortment of graphs and reports of the live data collected by their smart meter(s). Users are able to pinpoint where, when and how much energy is used, identify areas of excessive and/or unnecessary consumption, and track their energy conservation efforts.


Obsidian Services is a smart meter interrogation application service provider (ASP) offering geared toward property, facility and energy managers, condominium boards, and sub-metering providers.

Systems integration is provided to ensure that data is seamlessly transferred into the client’s systems. Additionally, FSI provides the client's tenants with access to Obsidian Consumer, along with a number of administrative accounts with management-related functionality.


Obsidian AMI is a software-only advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) offering geared towards utilities, sub-metering providers and large property managers.

Obsidian AMI autonomously gathers smart meter data using a federated data acquisition network providing interrogation intervals as small as every one minute or near real-time if supported by the metering hardware.

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